Meet VOICE Instructor, Charltanae R.

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Embark on a melodious journey with Charltanae R., whose symphony of skills has been finely tuned over a decade of contemporary and classical training in the artful realms of singing, songwriting, and piano mastery. Charltanae's musical voyage began in the harmonious embrace of her mother's church choir, an experience that planted the seeds of her rich and soulful musicality.

Her passion led her to the prestigious halls of the Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts followed by the inspiring grounds of Visible Music College, where her talent blossomed across a spectrum of genres. From vibrant beats of pop to contemporary country and the timeless grace of classical music, Charltanae embodies the spirit of a versatile performer who cherishes a holistic approach to music education.

In her teachings, Charltanae weaves a tapestry of healthy vocal techniques, ensuring that each note is not only sung but also cherished and preserved. She cultivates a nurturing environment where individuality isn't just celebrated—it's a fundamental chord in the melody of learning. Her aim is to kindle a flame of passion that dances in harmony with skill, shaping musicians who are as confident as they are competent.

Drawing on a dynamic background that spans musical theater and the familial warmth of singing with her brother, Charltanae offers lessons in voice, songwriting, and piano that resonate with experience and empathy. When the music fades and the last note lingers in the air, Charltanae finds joy in the laughter and love of her three children, a testament to her belief that life, much like music, is a composition of moments treasured and shared.

Step into Charltanae Ridgell's world, where every lesson is a step towards discovering your unique musical voice, and every melody is a gateway to a lifetime of artistic expression.