A Fresh & Creative Approach To Music Lessons

What is a Contemporary Music Lesson and Who is it For?

A contemporary approach to music lessons is perfect for the student that requires a more engaging learning environment. Many new students, with previous lesson experience, typically say the same things during their trial lesson. "My old teacher never gave me music I enjoyed or even recognized." They would also say, "My teacher was not very positive or enthusiastic." A contemporary approach to music lesson addresses these issues head-on by giving each student the musical freedom of choice. In many cases, letting the personal tastes of each student influence the lesson plan, can make the difference between a student wanting to CONTINUE or wanting to QUIT. It is also important to infuse the creative elements of music that most traditional teachers leave out such as improvisation, simple songwriting, and the art of using chords to create music. It is also important for a teacher to develop a genuine positive relationship with each student focused on building the student up...not tearing them down.    

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  • Impress your friends and family by playing contemporary piano songs from artists you love.

  • Explore multiple styles of music on piano such and rock, blues, pop, R & B, jazz, and traditional.

  • Learn how to use chords play your favorite piano tunes & write your own music.

  • Dive into the creative elements of music most traditional piano instructors fail to teach such as improvisation, song writing, and playing by ear.

  • Learn how to using skill-building techniques to play quickly and with ease.

"I’ve gone from having no idea how to play the piano, to be able to play my favorite songs." - Matt B. 

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  • Learn the necessary techniques and exercises to sing properly and maintain optimal vocal health.

  • You will be given the option to casually record your song selections so you can share them with friends & family.

  • Learn how to achieve vocal power through proper breathing.

  • Blow away your friends and family by singing the songs you love!

"I love this studio because I get to choose my own songs and they’re taught effectively." - Robin O. 

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  • Learn how to play your favorite guitar songs from artists like. You name it...we will teach you how to tackle it.

  • Learn how to solo and jam over different styles of music. (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Metal)

  • Learn how to use chords to independently figure out the songs you love on the fly.

  • Dive into the creative elements of music such as improvisation, songwriting, & playing by ear.

"CHMA has helped me improve my skills as well as my feel for the music I’m playing." - Emmett G. (Clarendon Hills)

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  • Show off your skills by focusing on the songs you love.

  • Master proper drum technique so you can play challenging drum parts with speed, finesse, and ease.

  • Learn how to create your own fills and solos.

  • Become a well-rounded player by learning how to sight reading drum music.

  • Learn to play different styles of music such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, and Alternative.

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  • Master the bass songs you love and listen to every day.

  • Learn multiple playing techniques and styles such as jazz, funk, rock, pop, alternative, metal, and R&B.

  • Dive into the creative elements of music most traditional instructors fail to teach.

  • Learn how to improvise and create your own bass lines and build your own grooves.

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  • Each student will have the option to explore the music they love.

  • You will have the option to play multiple styles of music.

  • Experience the creative side of music most traditional lessons fail to explore.

  • Ukulele is much easier string instrument to tackle for individuals that have smaller hands.