Virtual Contemporary 
Vocal Workshop

For Ages 14 - 18

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Contemporary Vocal Workshop


The Virtual Contemporary Vocal Workshop is for students age 14 - 18 focused on exploring the world of contemporary vocal music.


Learn to perform with confidence and develop your own unique, contemporary sound! Each student will bring in a piece of their choosing to the Virtual Contemporary Vocal Workshop and perform the final day of class. Contemporary Vocal Workshop students will learn effective and healthy vocal techniques and make tasteful, stylistic choices to improve their performance.


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This program is offered using the following teaching models. 

  • 100% Virtual

Dates & Times

Type: 2 week workshop

Frequency: Meets 2 times per week

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Times: 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Contact us with additional questions and for exact dates.

Contemporary vocal workshop Curriculum 

Day 1

  • The Virtual Contemporary Vocal Workshop will begin with introductions and ice breakers.
  • Students will devleop their knowledge of contemporary vocal music through a history of pop music lesson.
  • Students will learn healthy vocal production and technique to utilize throughout the workshop.
  • The class will begin listening to student pieces, workshopping them one at a time with the teacher.

Day 2

  • Students will delve into a healthy belt workshop and exercises to improve vocal technique.
  • Students will expand their vocal ranges through a vocal dynamic and riffing workshop.
  • The class will continue listening to student pieces and workshopping each.

Day 3

  • Students will study healthy mix and head voice in a workshop, before applying these skills to their song of choice.
  • Students learn to develop their skills through the support system of vocal production workshop.
  • Students have the opportunity to discuss their questions and receive detailed answers from the teacher.
  • The class will finish listening to the student pieces in preparation for their performances.

Day 4

  • Performance Day for all Virtual Contemporary Workshop students!
  • After the students' performances, students will give and receive positive feedback and discuss their class experience.

Supplies & Devices

  • Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop to use for attending Zoom sessions
  • Wired Earbuds
  • Accompaniment tracks of your song choice
  • Zoom App on your device
  • Printed out music 
  • Writing Utensil


  • 2 Week Workshop - $130
    Minimum Students: 5

    • * Please note that CHMA charges a one time $25 registration fee for each individual program.

Meet Your Teacher

ellie bio pic

Ellie Banke is an aspiring artist and teacher located in Downers Grove. In the past few years, she was cast as the lead in the Illinois Allstate Musical, Big Fish (which performed on the national level), performed with the honors vocal jazz 12 group at ILMEA and has received awards for two different compositions at the ILMEA level. One of her most popular songs “928 Miles,” gained worldwide recognition and can be found on Spotify and various other streaming platforms.

Ellie strives to help her students gain confidence in whatever they’re doing- whether that be performing live, working on vocal technique or songwriting. She believes anyone can learn what they put their mind to with hard work and determination.

Enter your Name & Email to receive a One Time $25 DISCOUNT and Information on how to ENROLL

You can TEXT OR CALL (630) 986-8742 with your questions