How the coronavirus has changed the music lesson industry

How the coronavirus has changed the music lesson industry forever

How the coronavirus has changed the music lesson industry forever:

With health and safety at the forefront of global concern, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the music lesson industry forever.


1. Large Studio Space is a Must

One way the music lesson industry has changed drastically is the need for a large studio space. Due to social distancing practices, a large studio space is a must. Closet-sized studios are no longer efficient to promote safety while learning and teaching music. In order to learn in-person with a hands-on experience, students and teachers must be able to move around and social distance six-feet apart throughout the lessons.

When it comes to group lessons, the capacity for individual studio spaces is key. Group programs such as music production and studio band lessons need individual studio spaces for each student to learn and record individually, while using the power of technology and editing to bring individually recorded pieces together in the end. This learning environment promotes social distancing and safety while also creating an atmosphere that resembles a professional recording studio.


2. Hygiene Protocols

Although most music studios have had hygiene protocols in place when circulating through many students and common spaces, the coronavirus has changed the music lesson industry through an increased need for hygiene protocols. Ensuring all surfaces, instruments and reusable lesson materials are thoroughly cleaned in between each lesson is crucial to promote safety and cleanliness throughout the studio.

At CHMA, all surfaces are cleaned in-between each use and hand-sanitizer is provided for all students and teachers. Individual AC units in each room provide fresh air exchange and plexiglass partitions allow for students to feel comfortable in their lessons, knowing that the safest procedures are in place.


3. Established Policies and Procedures

In addition the new, necessary hygiene protocols in place as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, all students and teachers in the music lesson industry have new policies in place to maximize safety. Social distancing throughout the duration of lessons, the elimination of wait times and waiting rooms and mandatory sanitization are among many new policies and procedures necessary to maintain safety for a students and teachers in the music lesson industry.


4. Innovative Teaching Models

Innovative teaching models have been put in place to maximize student opportunities within the music lesson industry. Many studios have created virtual lesson offerings while others have limited lessons to one-on-one to limit the spread of the coronavirus and create a safe environment for all students and teachers.

At the Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we have implemented multiple unique and innovative teaching models to best fit any students’ needs. These teaching models include 100% Virtual, Safe In-Person 1-on-1, Hybrid Virtual and Safe 1-on-1 and Multi-Studio Room Isolation lessons. These models are available for one-on-one or group lessons and give parents and students the option to pick a model that works best for them.