Music Creation Lab

Ages 8 and up

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Music Creation Lab

Who is this Program For?

Music Creation Lab is for intermediate to advanced music students that want a more creative & purpose-driven music lesson experience. We offer custom programs for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, and Bass students. 


If you want to learn how to use your instrument of choice to create music using the power of technology from the ground up, this program may be the perfect fit for you. You will master the art of creating multi-track instrumental recordings using programs like logic, pro-tools, and garage band. In addition to learning the technology side of music, you will learn how to develop parts for each instrument and how to mix those instruments together tastefully resulting in a musical work of art. 


This program is offered using the following teaching models.

  • In-Person

Dates & Times

This is a private 1-on-1 program that meets 1 hour or 30 minutes each week at a regular time.

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Music Creation Lab

  • Use the natural motivational pull of a music project to motivate you to create music from the ground up while building your skill level independently. 
  • Use powerful technology to create multi-instrumental music tracks. 
  • Learn basic songwriting techniques to create your musical creations.
  • Share your musical creations with friends and family.
  • Since most of the lesson time is taken up by actual project creation, we provide the Music Project Creation Labs Virtual Classroom to help students develop their playing ability on their own time. 

Supplies & Devices

  • USB Mic or Interphase (We will help you pick the best gear that won't break the bank)
  • Laptop, Phone, or iPad for at home recording
  • Headphones
  • One of the following apps: BandLab, Garage Band, Logic, Audacity, Pro Tools 


  • Hour Session: $85 (Weekly)
    * Please note that CHMA charges a one-time $25 registration fee for each individual program.

Meet Your Teacher

Evan bio (1)

Evan Graham Dunn has a Bachelor's Degree in Audio for Visual Media from Columbia College. When he isn’t teaching multiple instruments, songwriting, and music production, you can find him working out of his studio in Chicago producing and recording clients, mixing and scoring for commercials and film, or touring and gigging out in one of his multiple bands.

Along with his international success on BBC Radio and magazine coverage with his progressive rock band Alaya, Evan has charted on iTunes and Amazon while holding 4 songs in steady rotation on Sirius Radio’s “Coffee House” with his Folk Rock / Americana band “Edward & Graham”. Evan loves what he does, and can't wait to help you do the same by maintaining a light-hearted, down to earth and humorous approach in all of the courses and lessons he offers with CHMA.

derek bio

Derek Berg has lived and breathed music from a very early age. He was fortunate to have studied jazz piano with renowned pianist and Frank Sinatra's "go-to" Chicago piano player, Wellington Schiller. Derek went on to study music at The Chicago Academy for the Arts. He was fortunate to dive into a touring career with the national touring band, Phix. Derek also had the opportunity to play with greats such as Sugar Blue, John Kattke, John Kadlecik, Mer, and Chicago Radio DJ Kevin Matthews just to name a few.

At some point after years of touring, Derek felt a calling to open up Clarendon Music Academy. The mission has always been to provide a fresh and contemporary approach to music programs and lessons. CHMA is pulling that off in a big way.

Enter your Name & Email to receive a One Time $25 DISCOUNT and Information on how to ENROLL

You can TEXT OR CALL (630) 986-8742 with your questions