Music Production Workshop

Ages 14 & Up

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Music Production Workshop

Who is this Program For?

The Music Production Workshop is for students ages 14 & Up that want to professionally produce their own music from the comfort of their home using Pro Tools and/or Logic. Please note that we have specific workshops that focus on a specific DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)


Learning Pro Tools can be overwhelming, and even counter-productive on your own. Learn from the ground up how to configure your settings, record your ideas via analog input, XLR (Vocal Microphone) and MIDI via virtual instruments, and the basics of mixing using Compression, Equalizers and Basic Effects such as Reverb and Delay.


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This program is offered using the following teaching models. 

  • 100% Virtual

Dates & Times

Type: 2 week workshop

Frequency: Meets 2 times per week

Days: Wednesday & Friday

Times: TBA

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Music production workshop Curriculum 

  • Students will beging the Music Production Workship with a session focused on software Installation and Configuration for each students' devices.
  • Students will receive a virtual tour and understanding of the controls to be used throughout the workshop.
  • Students will learn audio tracks, midi tracks, aux/sus tracks and master fader techniques for music production.
  • Students will gain a strong understanding of staging, clipping and levels within music production.
  • Students will learn techniques of arming, recording and basic editing to a grid and click track.
  • A session on compression, EQ, reverb and delay will establish a strong, well-rounded understanding of professional music producting.
  • Students will review a final edit and mix of their music, reviewing the Do’s and Don’t, and what to look for and avoid in music production.

Supplies & Devices

  • Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop to use for attending Zoom sessions
  • Laptop with Pro Tools or Logic Installed
  • Wired Headphones or Earbuds (Preferably Headphones)
  • Zoom App on your device
  • Writing Utensil


  • 2 Week Workshop - $130
    Minimum Students: 5

    • * Please note that CHMA charges a one time $25 registration fee for each individual program.

Meet Your Teacher

Evan bio (1)

Evan Graham Dunn has a Bachelor's Degree in Audio for Visual Media from Columbia College. When he isn’t teaching multiple instruments, songwriting, and music production, you can find him working out of his studio in Chicago producing and recording clients, mixing and scoring for commercials and film, or touring and gigging out in one of his multiple bands.

Along with his international success on BBC Radio and magazine coverage with his progressive rock band Alaya, Evan has charted on iTunes and Amazon while holding 4 songs in steady rotation on Sirius Radio’s “Coffee House” with his Folk Rock / Americana band “Edward & Graham”. Evan loves what he does, and can't wait to help you do the same by maintaining a light-hearted, down to earth and humorous approach in all of the courses and lessons he offers with CHMA.

Enter your Name & Email to receive a One Time $25 DISCOUNT and Information on how to ENROLL

You can TEXT OR CALL (630) 986-8742 with your questions