virtual Music
ThEory Camp

Ages 8 - 13

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Music Theory Camp

Who is this Program For?

The Virtual Music Theory Camp is for students ages 8 - 13 who want to take a deep dive into the world of music theory and become more confident in their understanding of music. Through the program students will gain overall competence and confidence as musicians.


 Learn the basics of music theory in order to achieve a new level of understanding music. You will learn basic rhythms, key signatures, chord structure and how to build chord progressions.


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This program is offered using the following teaching models.

  • 100% Virtual

Dates & Times

Type: 1 Week Program

Frequency: Meets 5 Times Per Week Session

Days: Monday - Friday

Times: 1 pm - 2 pm

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Virtual Music Theory Camp Curriculum 

Day 1 

  • Learn about key signatures
  • Learn about different tools to use like the circle of 5ths
  • Learn how to read and write basic rhythm (Quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, triplets)

Day 2

  • Quick Day 1 Review
  • Learn about chords and how to use them to create different sounds (Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented Triads)

Day 3

  • Review of previously learned material
  • Intro to Chord Progressions
  • Discuss how the dominant wants to resolve to the I chord
  • Understand how the I - IV - V works in relation to chord function

Day 4

  • Review of previously learned material
  • Learn about the diatonic chord progression and how you can use it to write your own songs.
  • Learn how to look at music and analyze in a way that will make you confident in playing it and writing it. 

Day 5

  • Create your own chord progression and share it with the class
    You will learn how to write a melody that can be used for your own chord progression

Supplies & Devices

  • Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop to use for attending Zoom sessions
  • Wired Earbuds
  • Zoom App on your device
  • Writing Utensil
  • Weekly Camp - $125 (Weekly)
    Minimum Students: 5 

    • * Please note that CHMA charges a one time $25 registration fee for each individual program.


luke bio

Luke Sunderland is a classically trained guitarist who has over 10 years of experience. After being pursued by prestigious schools such as Pepperdine and Belmont University, Luke decides to move to Nashville in order to pursue his career in music. Currently, he is a rising senior studying Commercial Guitar and Music Business at Belmont University. Luke has experience performing at venues such as The Chicago Athletic Club, The Harris Theater, and Nashville Public Radio.

Enter your Name & Email to receive a One Time $25 DISCOUNT and Information on how to ENROLL

You can TEXT OR CALL (630) 986-8742 with your questions