Re-Opening Policies and Protocols

Please know there is an inherent risk to entering our building for in-person lessons. While we are taking every possible precaution to stop the spread of COVID-19, this does not guarantee you or the student will not be exposed to or infected by the virus. By agreeing to do in-person lessons at Clarendon Hills Music Academy you are accepting this risk and any exposure or infection of COVID-19 which may result in serious illness. By agreeing to in-person lessons, Clarendon Hills Music Academy will not be held liable and will be released of all claims against the company, teachers, and directors as a result of COVID-19 exposure and/or infection.



  • Positive COVID-19 Tests:Any student who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive within the last 2 weeks must stay home and do virtual lessons. 
  • Take Temperature Before Arrival: Every student is required to self-monitor their temperature prior to arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 99.5 degrees F or higher must stay home and do virtual lessons. 
  • BYO Drinks: There will be no water, coffee, or tea service available. Please bring your own drinks in a sealed container or water bottle.  
  • BYO Supplies: Students must bring their own writing utensils, materials, guitar, picks, tuners, drum sticks, and any other supplies. We will be unable to provide any forgotten items.  
  • Bathrooms for Emergency Use Only: Students are encouraged to use the bathroom prior to arrival. If the student needs to use the bathroom, in case of emergencies, each teacher will need to unlock the bathroom and sanitize after use. This would cut into valuable lesson time so we encourage everyone to go before they arrive.


  • Masks Are Required: Every student, teacher, and caregiver are required to wear a mask over mouth and nose at our facility. (There will be a $5 charge per mask if CHMA needs to provide one.) 
  • 3 Person Limit: We ask only one caregiver per family enter the building with active students. Please no non-active students, siblings, or friends. 
  • 3 Minute Rule: Students will enter the building no more than 3 minutes before the start of their lesson time. 
  • Using the Stairs: Only one student and one caregiver at a time going up or down the stairwell. 
  • Waiting Room Policy: The waiting room will not be available for sitting and waiting in the traditional sense. It is only to be used as a temporary standing area for students to wait until it is their turn for their lesson. There will be marks on the floor to indicate where each student and (1) caregiver should stand. 


  • Hand Sanitizer: Every student will be asked to use hand sanitizer before and after their lesson. 
  • Large Plexiglass Dividers: are available as an extra safety measure to provide an extra layer of isolation between the student and teacher. 
  • 6 Foot Social Distancing: Teachers, students and caregivers are asked to maintain a 6-foot distance between each student whenever possible.  



  • Sanitize keyboards and applicable musical gear
  • sanitize doorknobs
  • Stairwell handrail and front doorknob will be sanitized hourly.
  • Bathroom will be sanitized after each use and at the end of each day


  • Separate Pianos: Piano teachers & students will use different pianos when demonstrating in order to maintain social distancing. 
  • Air Circulation: Windows AC units and additional circulatory fans will be used in every room to ensure fresh air circulation


Students and Caregivers must be in good health and showing no signs of illness or fever in order to attend lessons. If the student has been exposed to COVID-19 or is showing any signs of illness, please isolate and take virtual lessons. The teacher reserves the right to ask a student to leave if there is a health concern (ie: coughing, running nose, sneezing, fever). Clarendon Hills Music Academy reserves the right to go back to virtual-only lessons if the safety of it’s students and staff has the potential to be compromised. The safety of our students and staff will come first.