The Days of Closet-Sized Music Lesson Studios are Over

The Days of Closet-Sized Music Lesson Studios Are Over

In a social distancing world, the days of closet-sized music lesson studios are over.

Closet-sized studios are well known in today’s world as a way to maximize space and efficiency at a low cost. A quick Google search will show many tutorials, DIY videos and explanations of the possibilities of creating a music studio in a small space, sometimes quite literally, a closet.


In the music lesson industry, most studios attempt to maximize profits by fitting as many small, closet-sized studios in one location.

There are many drawbacks of closet-sized music lesson studios, all of which put the student at the disadvantage. Learning and creating music should always be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the teacher and the student. Small music lesson studios inhibit this experience and prevent students from learning the best they can. In order to learn in-person with a hands-on experience, students and teachers must be able to move around while social distancing throughout the duration of the lesson.


With the prevalence of social distancing and the continuous spread of the coronavirus, the “new normal” should be large teaching spaces that allow for 6-foot social distancing when a student and teacher are in the room.

At CHMA, multiple teaching models and various, large studio spaces allow for a safe and enjoyable lesson experience for every student. Students have the option to go back to safe in-person classes while maintaining social distancing. This scenario puts one student and one teacher in a large studio room that allows for plenty of social distancing. These are the additional safety precautions we have implemented:

1. Masks required for both teacher and student

2. 6-foot social distancing

3. Extensive cleaning protocol between each session

4. Hand sanitizer provided

5. Plexiglass partitions available

6. Individual AC units that provide fresh air exchange in each room


Large, clean spaces promote safety in each lesson, now throughout the coronavirus pandemic and continuing into the future.

While closet-sized music lesson studios are no longer safe or beneficial options, studio size and lesson space should be a decisive factor as studios continue to transition back to in-person lessons.

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