COVID-19 Update 3-15-2020

Good Morning CHMA Community,

During this time of uncertainty, we want to prioritize the health and safety of our students, families, and teachers. In response to Governor Pritzker’s school closings, we have decided to suspend out in-person lesson program and only conduct our virtual online lesson program. This allows our students to enjoy their lessons from the comfort and safety of their own homes using Skype. This is effective starting Monday, March 16th until further notice.

After many tests and consulting with our colleagues in the music lesson industry, the Skype platform has proven to be the best for an interactive and comprehensive music lesson. There is a reason it has become an industry-standard in the digital age - you can even record your lesson for later reference.

We realize that with the disruption of sports and extracurricular activities, students need to be engaged more than ever. Because of this, we are also developing an “on-demand” music lesson content page to keep students busy during this downtime with extra material.

Your teacher will be contacting you directly to give you specific directions on how these lessons will be conducted, and to lend a hand if you need any help setting up Skype on your end. It is very quick and easy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or your teacher directly with any questions. Again, we will keep our Spring Break schedule the same and have no lessons the week of March 30 - April 5.

Stay safe and healthy!

Derek and Becky Berg

Clarendon Hills Music Academy
Text or Call 630-986-8742