5 Questions To Ask When Searching For Music Lessons

Trying to find a music lesson studio that aligns with your needs can take some serious detective work. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right studio! You must consider teaching philosophy to the actual facility. You can ask many questions during your vetting process but only have so much time. Here are the 5 "must ask" questions you should ask when trying to find a good match for you.

1. Can students pick the majority of the music they want to learn?

Determine whether students may choose at least 70% of the music they want to play during lessons. Performing music that they genuinely enjoy will keep students motivated and involved, making the learning process much more pleasurable.

2. Do the teachers place an emphasis on the creative elements of music

Technical abilities are necessary, but so is an exploration of the creative side of music. Inquire whether the academy or teacher provides opportunities for songwriting, improvisation, and experimenting with various styles. It will make learning much more enjoyable and engaging!

3. What is the teachers' educational background?

Degrees alone aren't enough. Some of the least inspiring and innovative teachers can have degrees in music. Instead, emphasize the teacher's individual training, performance experience, and ability to explain concepts and motivate pupils to mastery. You want a teacher who can connect with and motivate the student.

4. What size are the teaching studios?

Nobody wants to feel cramped during a music lesson. In your quest for the ideal academy or teacher, inquire about the size of their teaching studios. Having enough personal space can make a significant difference in your level of comfort, and it will be easier for parents to sit in and observe if they wish.

5. Do teachers use technology in their lessons?

We live in a technologically advanced world, therefore finding a teacher who is up-to-date is critical. The use of professional-sounding recordings, unique music backing tracks, and music instruction apps can significantly improve the class experience. Instructors who do not embrace current technology may not connect as well with younger students.

Clarendon Hills Music Academy makes it a goal to incorporate all of these important elements into our classes. As a result, we create a learning environment in which students feel at ease, engaged, and inspired. Remember that asking these five questions will lead you to the ideal music academy or teacher. Good luck with your search!