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The Mission



"Clarendon Hills Music Academy believes that striking a perfect balance between musical mastery and creativity in a stress-free environment. Too often, music programs spend most of their time exclusively rocking out OR boring a student with drills. We believe a perfect music lesson should simultaneously focus on building skills WHILE diving into the creative elements of music. Striking this balance combined with creating a lesson plan around the student's musical interests is the mission." - Derek Berg (Founder of Clarendon Hills Music Academy)


Clarendon Hills Music Academy is so much more than just a traditional music lesson provider. We focus on offering musical experiences that naturally inspire many students to enjoy the process.

CHMA is a strong believer in focusing on the type of music the student LOVES.

CHMA's Music Lesson Program focuses on striking the perfect balance between the creative elements of music most traditional lesson providers do not offer and the necessary skill building elements that are required to master an instrument. We also focus on musical relevance. If a student does not have the freedom of choice when it comes to choosing the type of music they want to focus upon, their interest is guaranteed to diminish over time. To often traditional teachers impose their own music interests completely over looking the students natural tastes and musical preferences.

In addition to the Music Lesson Program, CHMA offers many additional specialty music programs for younger students & High School Students & Adults that are disrupting the traditional music lesson approach in a big way. Both of these programs use the project-based music teaching system. This method naturally motivates students by giving the opportunity to create their own music projects from the ground up using music technology. A couple programs CHMA offer that use this project-based teaching system are: Music Project Creation LabRecording Artist Academy

These programs use technology to create fully produced versions of songs each student loves. Many students will transition into writing their own original music compositions. There is nothing like making that song in your head a reality.

The experience of building something from nothing engages students on a much higher level compared to a traditional lesson experience. This has a lot to do with the mind-set of a student while in a creative state. 

When most students are immersed in a music project, there is a higher level of engagement. In addition, these types of projects provide positive accountability through the use of project deadlines and the anticipation that often accompanies developing a unique musical creation.

Not only can students artistically benefit from a project-based music training approach, it offers a healthy outlet to express themselves in times when students are STRESSED OUT.

In addition to this much needed creative pressure release, students can experience increased levels of confidence when sharing their finished works of musical art with friends, family and potential fans. There is nothing like positive outside praise to inspire a student  to want to improve with each creation.