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The Mission


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"At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, founded by the visionary Derek Berg, we are deeply committed to a philosophy that intertwines musical excellence with the boundless joy of creative expression. Our approach transcends the conventional; it's not just about mastering scales or perfecting technique, nor is it only about unbridled jam sessions. It's about finding that harmonious intersection where discipline meets imagination, where learning is infused with a sense of wonder and exploration.

Our lessons are crafted to ignite inspiration. Each session is tailored to resonate with the individual interests and passions of our students. This approach ensures that every chord struck and every rhythm learned is not just an exercise in music but an exploration of personal creativity and joy. At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we don't just teach music; we foster a lifelong passion for this beautiful art form.

Derek Berg's vision for the academy is a haven where students are encouraged to delve into their musical passions in a stress-free environment. Here, the journey of becoming a musician is intertwined with personal expression and creativity. It's a place where every note played contributes to the growth of not just a skilled musician, but a creative soul.

Join us on this exhilarating educational adventure, where your musical path is as unique and vibrant as you are, brimming with moments of discovery, joy, and creative expression."



Clarendon Hills Music Academy: Where Passion Meets Innovation in Music Education

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy (CHMA), we believe in redefining the essence of music education. We're not just about traditional music lessons; we're about creating an enriching musical journey that students genuinely love being a part of. Our core philosophy is centered around nurturing a deep connection between students and the music they adore.

At CHMA, the music that fuels our students' passion is at the heart of our teaching approach. We understand that the key to maintaining and growing a student's interest in music lies in their freedom to explore and immerse themselves in the genres they love. Traditional teaching methods often miss this vital aspect, imposing predetermined musical choices that might not resonate with every student. We aim to change that by prioritizing each student's unique musical tastes and preferences.

Our Music Lesson Program is designed to strike a perfect balance between skill-building and fostering creativity – elements often overlooked in conventional music education. We emphasize the importance of musical relevance, ensuring that each student's learning experience is deeply connected to their personal musical journey.

Beyond our core program, CHMA offers innovative specialty music programs for a range of ages, including younger students, high schoolers, and adults. These programs disrupt the traditional music lesson mold through our project-based music teaching system. This approach engages students by allowing them to create and develop their own music projects from the ground up, using cutting-edge music technology. Among these dynamic programs are the following:

Music Creation Academy - Music Creation & Production Program

Piano Rebellion Academy - Premier Guitar Program

Fretboard Revolution - Premier Guitar Program

These programs harness the power of technology to help students produce fully-realized versions of songs they love, eventually leading many to craft their own original compositions. The thrill of turning a vision into reality is unmatched and is at the core of what we do.

This project-based approach doesn't just engage students more deeply than traditional methods; it fosters a unique kind of creative mindset. When immersed in a music project, students experience a heightened level of engagement and commitment, driven by project deadlines and the excitement of creating something truly their own.

Moreover, our project-based training is not just an artistic outlet; it's a sanctuary for self-expression, especially in times of stress. It empowers students, boosting their confidence as they share their musical masterpieces with friends, family, and potential fans. This external recognition serves as a powerful motivator, inspiring continuous improvement and an ever-growing passion for music.

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we're not just teaching music; we're cultivating artists, innovators, and confident individuals. Join us on this transformative musical adventure, where each note played is a step towards discovering your true potential."