Harmonious Match: A Parent’s Guide to Identifying the Perfect Music Lesson Provider for Your Family

Written By: Derek Berg - Owner of Clarendon Hills Music Academy

What elements define a truly outstanding music lesson? Reflecting on my own early music lessons, I was fortunate to have a fantastic piano instructor who encouraged my creativity while ensuring I mastered fundamental technical skills.

Music shaped my identity and goals, becoming my escape. I wasn't particularly athletic; instead of scoring goals, I would daydream and pick clovers on the soccer field... Yes, I was that kid! Fortunately, music found its place in my life, helping me navigate the social challenges of middle school and providing the confidence I needed to succeed in high school and beyond.

When I founded Clarendon Hills Music Academy, I aimed to recreate the enlightening musical experiences I had as a child, creating a safe environment where everyone could explore various musical genres without sacrificing technical proficiency. So what makes a music lesson truly exceptional? I've narrowed it down to five essential components.

1. A Balanced Combination of Creativity and Mastery

At CHMA, we specialize in providing innovative, customized one-on-one music lessons. We tailor our programs to each student's needs and interests by having them complete a detailed questionnaire outlining their musical background and aspirations. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, and by creating individualized plans, we ensure they have a well-rounded experience that nurtures their love of music while teaching fundamental skills.

2. Focus on Each Student's Specific Musical Interests

Surprisingly, many students who took lessons before joining us never had the chance to choose music that resonated with their interests. We strike the perfect balance between introducing them to new genres and encouraging them to explore the music they naturally enjoy, keeping them engaged and enthusiastic.

3. Lessons with a Clear Goal

Our students have different reasons for taking lessons, such as writing original music, improving improvisational skills, or recording high-quality tracks. We help them discover a higher purpose. Once a musical foundation is established, each weekly lesson should focus on fostering a lifelong passion for music.

4. Engaged and Encouraging Teachers

The relationship between the student and the teacher is one of the most crucial aspects of a meaningful music lesson experience. In addition to being highly talented musicians, our instructors at Clarendon Hills Music Academy can connect with students on a personal level. They are dedicated, patient, and enthusiastic, and committed to their students' growth. By establishing trusting relationships, our teachers help students enhance their musical abilities and encourage them to take calculated creative risks.

5. Learning with a Holistic Approach

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we believe that teaching an instrument should involve more than just its mechanics. We emphasize musicianship, artistic expression, and a deep understanding of theory and history. Our curriculum encourages students to explore their emotional connection to the music they play while also incorporating music theory, ear training, and sight-reading. Our comprehensive approach ensures students have a thorough understanding of music, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in any musical endeavor they choose to pursue.

By incorporating these five essential components, we have created a unique and exceptional learning experience for our students at Clarendon Hills Music School. If you're interested in taking a trial lesson and experiencing the difference for yourself, contact us at www.chmusicacademy.com/trial or text 630-98-MUSIC. We are excited to share our love of music with you!