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Ready to Unleash Your Creativity? Discover a unique approch to piano lessons!

Unleash your musical passion with Clarendon Hills Music Academy! Dive into a piano lesson experience filled with inspiration. With a fusion of modern technology, exhilarating fun, and skill mastery, we bring you a unique learning journey. Our dedicated piano instructors craft lessons centered around each student’s musical interests, emphasizing both creativity and the music they love. Join us today and try our refreshing and creative approach to piano lessons.

Is this Piano Lesson Program a good fit? 

Our piano lessons at Clarendon Hills Music Academy cater to a diverse range from enthusiastic 4-year-olds to dedicated adults. Whether you're a newbie at the keys or a seasoned pianist aiming to refine your craft, our adaptable curriculum suits all skill levels. Engage in a modern learning experience and watch your musical abilities elevate.

Top Advantages You'll Gain from OUR PIANO LESSON PROGRAM

  • Personalized Learning: Piano sessions tailored to your distinct musical tastes and expertise.

  • Inspiring Teachers: Dynamic and enthralling instructors lighting up your musical journey.

  • Innovative Approach: A lively fusion of entertaining activities and potent skill-enhancements to keep you charged.

  • Embracing Technology: Dive into the digital age with top-notch recordings and immersive backing tracks.

  • Wide Range Of Ages Welcome: From 4 to 80 and beyond, our program vibrates with every phase of your musical voyage.

  • Results-Driven Lessons: More than just lessons, it's a transformative experience promising remarkable growth with every session.


What They Are Saying About Clarendon Hills Music Academy

Jennifer S.

"My kids have played piano here for about 5 years. We love Derek who is their teacher and the owner. He mixes things up so they don’t get bored and lets them choose their favorite pop songs to play."

Karyn V.

"My CHMA Instructor has been such an encouraging teacher and I have really grown as a musician over the past 5 years. I would highly recommend him. He is a phenomenal piano player and knows all of the theory to back that up. My lessons have been customized to meet my needs and interests over time. My instructor has helped me get up to speed when I joined a blues/rock band. He came up with creative ideas for me to become good at comping and soloing in my jazz combo group. Most memorable is when I needed to learn about 20 songs in a short amount of time and he helped me come up with a practice plan and a way to tackle the songs so that I was ready for the gig on time and not just winging it."

Rory S.

I took lessons with CHMA for a little over a year. Every lesson was brilliant because we went over old stuff, learned new stuff and I was able to bring in questions and songs I wanted to learn. If my teacher didn't know the answer (rarely), it became a learning opportunity for both parties.

CHMA is really in touch with technology, My instructor's passion for his craft, and you as the student, really is a great motivator to practice and be able to learn something new every lesson. Fantastic experience and I'd happily go back!

Tristan R.

I’ve been playing piano for about 13 years I think, but I have never made more progress than I did within my first few months at CHMA. They perfectly cater their curriculum to each individual student, focusing on their specific strengths and interests. They balance typical ‘by-the-book’ learning with more interesting learning in a way that makes learning any topic fun and engaging. This is the place to go to if you want to advance in any way musically!

Jackie E.

Best in town. Best around. The CH Music Academy team is amazing. All ages are welcome. They really take care of Their clients and community. Highly recommend!!! 

Hannah S.

I've been taking lessons at CHMA for six years as a voice student, piano student, guitar student, and a member of the Recording Artist Academy. I had tried many different music institutions before coming here, and I've never looked back. I grew as a student, a performer and as an artist in my time at CHMA. Thanks to Derek and the crew at the academy I was able to release my original music on all streaming platforms and have since gotten several hundred plays on my music! Clarendon Hills Music Academy has been a home for me for the past six years and I intend on going back whenever I'm home from school!

Sonja G

My daughter took both voice and piano for a few years with CHMA. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. From the time she was 7 until 10, she grew so much, both musically and with her confidence in singing. Her instructor was a wonderful teacher who never pushed her (unless she wanted to be pushed), and really bonded with her about music.
The staff was amazing, VERY easy to communicate with, and very understanding if schedules change. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Ander Iturralde

Clarendon Hills Music Academy is a truly wonderful place. It is one that has had a deep impact on my life. If you want to dive deeper into your musical interests, and potentially further develop yourself as a whole, it is absolutely the place do it. Its owner, Derek Berg, sets the highest standards not only for himself but for the academy overall, putting together a selection of consistently excellent teachers. Previous to coming across it, I had had very little formal musical exposure, yet the growth that I have experienced thanks to them has been amazing. Whether it'd be piano, voice or almost anything in between that you want to learn or improve on, no matter your age, CHMA is a decision that you will be happy you made.

Jamie Shifley

My daughter has been with CHMA for years. Most recently, she is doing the Recording Artist Academy. This endeavor has helped her grow her skills dramatically. She has developed her voice, but has also learned to write her own songs, and is discovering what her own music style truly is. She looks forward to her lesson each week and excitedly sends me recordings of her own songs. It’s a wonderful program

Steve Loan

I wanted to play piano, but thought that being in my 40's was too late in life to learn. CHMA proved that it is never too late to learn, even if you have no music experience! Derek had me learn with the styles of music I enjoy-Jazz and Blues. After a short while I was playing songs and reading sheet music. He worked in lessons on music theory which really strengthened my understanding of how music is put together. CHMA is a fun, relaxing environment and I can attest that with lessons here, anyone can learn to play no matter what your age.

Suzan Ganzer

I learned so much here about music and recording a song and had a blast!! The instructors are super smart and talented. Great care was taken by the team here in recording my original song to make it the absolute best it could be. Anyone wishing to learn about music / or the recording process would benefit greatly going to this awesome music academy. I know i did! If I could live there I totally would!! Fun, educational, and inspirational. Thumbs up, they rock!!!!

Rita Nelson

I first started taking piano lessons at CHMA when I was really young, and I remember finding it so cool that I got to play music I listened to on the radio. The lessons were really entertaining because not only do you get to learn basic techniques, but also how to improvise and play along with chords and music. You get to basically choose your path and create your own experience. The coolest part about CHMA though is the recording artist program. I’ve loved writing songs since before I can remember, and a few years ago I wanted to start recording and releasing them on platforms. I went back to the academy and started recording, and honestly it’s the highlight of my week as well as a great way to get high quality recordings and work on your own original compositions. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a way to get their music out there or learn an instrument in a more modern way.

Ben Waverley

The best part of CHMA is that the lessons are designed completely around the students’ preferences. The idea that a student can walk into a room and name a tune and instantly have an expert start working on it with them that day is something you don’t find at other music academies. For the most personalized lesson experience, whether it be traditional music lessons or producing a video with the Music Project Lab program that the academy offers, CHMA is the way to go.

Kate Buikema

I’ve been doing CHMA for a year and it’s been amazing having this great creative outlet. The instructors are so passionate about music and helping and encourgaing you in every way they can. I’ve really appreciated all the coaching and it has helped my work so much. It’s a super unique experience and definitely worth doing!


You can also text 630-986-8742 for FREE lesson


Tiffany bio


Tiffany, a passionate musician since age six, began her journey composing melodies on her family's piano. Now an educator, she shares her enthusiasm for music with students of all ages, guiding them from novices to proficient pianists.

Centering her teaching philosophy on empowering students, Tiffany inspires them to believe in their musical prowess while emphasizing music theory and creativity. She takes the time to build strong relationships, understanding students' interests and goals to offer personalized guidance.

Tiffany encourages parental involvement and is dedicated to helping students discover talents and interests, fostering love and appreciation for music even in those lacking initial confidence. Her students can expect an inspiring, supportive environment that nurtures their musical abilities and cultivates a lifelong passion for piano playing.

derek bio


From an early age, Derek has been immersed in the world of music. He had the opportunity to study jazz piano under the tutelage of renowned pianist and Frank Sinatra's preferred Chicago pianist, Wellington Schiller. Derek continued his musical education at The Chicago Academy for the Arts. He embarked on a touring career with the national touring band, Phix, and performed alongside notable artists like Sugar Blue, John Kattke, John Kadlecik, Mer, and Chicago Radio DJ Kevin Matthews, among others.

After years on the road, Derek felt a strong desire to establish Clarendon Music Academy with the mission of providing innovative and contemporary music programs and lessons. Today, CHMA is successfully achieving that goal.