Piano Lessons 

"Engaging & Personalized Lessons That Inspire!"


Ready to Unleash Your Creativity? Discover a unique approch to piano lessons!

Discover a refreshing piano program that reignites your love for music by incorporating your favorite tunes and fostering an enjoyable learning experience. Our contemporary approach blends technology, fun, and skill-building for a well-rounded and engaging lesson. Our passionate piano teachers prioritize entertainment and inspiration, creating a custom teaching system tailored to your needs. Experience the perfect balance between musical growth and enjoyment with Clarendon Hills Music Academy's innovative piano lessons.

Is this Program a good fit? Find Out Who It's Designed For!

Our Piano Lesson program is designed for individuals aged 4 to adult who are eager to elevate their musical skills in a positive and inspiring learning environment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist seeking to develop their musical abilities in a meaningful way, our tailored approach accommodates all levels, offering an enjoyable and motivational experience that fuels your passion for music. Embark on a rewarding musical journey with us and witness your skills soar to new heights!

Top Advantages You'll Gain from OUR PIANO LESSON PROGRAM

  • Personalized Learning: Tailored piano lessons that cater to your unique musical interests and skill level.
  • Inspiring Teachers: Engaging and entertaining instructors dedicated to fostering your love for music and ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.
  • Innovative Approach: A perfect blend of fun activities and skill-building exercises that keep you motivated and excited about learning.
  • Embracing Technology: Modern techniques, such as professional recordings and backing tracks, that enhance your piano lesson experience.
  • All Ages Welcome: A versatile program suitable for budding musicians aged 4 to adult, catering to all stages of their musical journey.
  • Results-Driven Lessons: A custom, non-cookie cutter teaching system that focuses on delivering engaging content while inspiring exceptional results.



Tiffany bio


Tiffany, a passionate musician since age six, began her journey composing melodies on her family's piano. Now an educator, she shares her enthusiasm for music with students of all ages, guiding them from novices to proficient pianists.

Centering her teaching philosophy on empowering students, Tiffany inspires them to believe in their musical prowess while emphasizing music theory and creativity. She takes the time to build strong relationships, understanding students' interests and goals to offer personalized guidance.

Tiffany encourages parental involvement and is dedicated to helping students discover talents and interests, fostering love and appreciation for music even in those lacking initial confidence. Her students can expect an inspiring, supportive environment that nurtures their musical abilities and cultivates a lifelong passion for piano playing.

derek bio


From an early age, Derek has been immersed in the world of music. He had the opportunity to study jazz piano under the tutelage of renowned pianist and Frank Sinatra's preferred Chicago pianist, Wellington Schiller. Derek continued his musical education at The Chicago Academy for the Arts. He embarked on a touring career with the national touring band, Phix, and performed alongside notable artists like Sugar Blue, John Kattke, John Kadlecik, Mer, and Chicago Radio DJ Kevin Matthews, among others.

After years on the road, Derek felt a strong desire to establish Clarendon Music Academy. Its mission is to offer innovative and contemporary music programs and lessons. Today, CHMA is successfully achieving that goal.