How Clarendon Hills Music Academy Got Me Into Berklee!

How Clarendon Hills Music Academy Helped me getting into the Harvard of Music, Berklee College of Music

Hello there, music lovers! I'm Robin Owens, a recent Berklee College of Music enrollee and a Clarendon Hills Music Academy alumni. Today, I'm happy to discuss how my success at Berklee was made possible by the excellent music instruction I received at Clarendon Hills Music Academy.

In the fifth grade, my voice teacher suggested piano classes at Clarendon Hills Music Academy.  Since that time, the academy's enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and encouraging teachers have created the ideal environment for me to succeed.

Due to its remarkable reputation, Boston, Massachusetts-based Berklee College of Music is frequently referred to as the "Harvard of Music." For many aspiring artists, including me, Berklee is the ultimate dream school for modern music. Without the foundation Clarendon Hills Music Academy laid, I would not have been able to fulfill this desire.

In addition to teaching me how to play the piano, CHMA's music classes also helped me learn how to write songs, use recording equipment, and develop as a well-rounded artist. I improved my practice habits and performing abilities thanks to the recitals. In addition, my instructors' individualized coaching helped me prepare for my Berklee audition and gave me the assurance I needed to succeed.

Clarendon Hills Music Academy's innovative, student-centered methodology empowers students to direct their own musical education and pursue their interests. Having an instructor who can provide you a thorough education while encouraging progress is essential, whether you're a budding professional musician or just trying to refine your talents. You'll discover exactly that at CHMA, putting you on the path to musical success.