THE Recording artist EXPERIENCE

Transform Your Gatherings into Chart-Topping Memories!


The Recording Artist Experienceis for a diverse range of groups seeking the electric thrill of the studio environment:

  • Children Activity Groups: Perfect for end-of-term celebrations or special project days, let children discover their vocal talents and enjoy the excitement of their first recording experience.
  • Teen Social Groups: Give teenagers a platform to express themselves, create original pieces or cover trending tracks, all while bonding over shared musical interests.
  • Bachelorette Parties: Before walking down the aisle, gather your bridal squad and create a memorable track that'll have you reminiscing for years to come.
  • Reunions: What better way to bond with old friends or classmates than by reliving the good old days with a song from your past?
  • Team Building: Companies can foster team cohesion by working together on a fun, collaborative project that's decidedly outside the box.
  • Youth Camps: Introduce kids to the mesmerizing world of music production, letting their imaginations soar as they create their own anthems.
  • Book Clubs: Turn a new leaf and try something different by setting your favorite literary quotes to music.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate love and milestones by recording a sentimental tune that captures your journey together.Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply seeking a novel group activity, our studio beckons with the promise of music, memories, and pure magic.


Unleash Your Inner Recording Artist!

Ever dreamt of feeling the magic of creative music live in a recording studio? Step into our state-of-the-art facility and let us turn that dream into reality! Welcome to the Recording Artist Experience.

Who's it for? Whether you're a social club, a children's activity group, a corporate team, or just a bunch of friends, we provide a no pressure recording session tailored to your group's vibe and vision.

Become a Recording Artist for a Day! No musical experience? No worries! All you need is enthusiasm and your true voice. Whether you're a decent singer or have only ever sung in the shower, our professional sound engineers and music producers will guide you every step of the way.

Capture the Moment: Once the session wraps, you won't leave empty-handed. Every group receives a professionally mixed and mastered recording of their track, a testament to your moment as recording artists. Share it with friends, family, or keep it as a special memory of the day.

All About Fun: The Recording Artist Experience isn't about perfection - it's about coming together, trying something new, and most importantly, having a blast. So, bring your energy, your voice, and let's make musical memories!

Booking & More Information: Ready to shine under the studio lights? Contact us today to book your session or to learn more about how we can make your recording dreams come true. Remember, it's not about hitting every note; it's about the journey, the fun, and the story you create together.

Meet Your Producers & EVENT FACILITATORS 

derek bio


From an early age, Derek has been immersed in the world of music. He had the opportunity to study jazz piano under the tutelage of renowned pianist and Frank Sinatra's preferred Chicago pianist, Wellington Schiller. Derek continued his musical education at The Chicago Academy for the Arts. He embarked on a touring career with the national touring band, Phix, and performed alongside notable artists like Sugar Blue, John Kattke, John Kadlecik, Mer, and Chicago Radio DJ Kevin Matthews, among others.

After years on the road, Derek felt a strong desire to establish Clarendon Music Academy with the mission of providing innovative and contemporary music programs and lessons. Today, CHMA is successfully achieving that goal.

Evan bio (1)


Evan Graham Dunn has a Bachelor's Degree in Audio for Visual Media from Columbia College. When he isn’t teaching multiple instruments, songwriting, and music production, you can find him working out of his studio in Chicago producing and recording clients, mixing and scoring for commercials and film, or touring and gigging out in one of his multiple bands.

Along with his international success on BBC Radio and magazine coverage with his progressive rock band Alaya, Evan has charted on iTunes and Amazon while holding 4 songs in steady rotation on Sirius Radio’s “Coffee House” with his Folk Rock / Americana band “Edward & Graham”. Evan loves what he does, and can't wait to help you do the same by maintaining a light-hearted, down-to-earth and humorous approach in all of the courses and lessons he offers with CHMA.

Tiffany bio


Tiffany, a passionate musician since age six, began her journey composing melodies on her family's piano. Now an educator, she shares her enthusiasm for music with students of all ages, guiding them from novices to proficient pianists.

Centering her teaching philosophy on empowering students, Tiffany inspires them to believe in their musical prowess while emphasizing music theory and creativity. She takes the time to build strong relationships, understanding students' interests and goals to offer personalized guidance.

Tiffany encourages parental involvement and is dedicated to helping students discover talents and interests, fostering love and appreciation for music even in those lacking initial confidence. Her students can expect an inspiring, supportive environment that nurtures their musical abilities and cultivates a lifelong passion for piano playing.