Commonly Asked Questions About
Our Music Programs

Q: What does CHMA offer for students who want to try a specific type of lesson or music program?
A: Enjoy a complimentary trial lesson to experience our music program! Please be aware that we provide only one free trial lesson per family. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. Families that have previously received a free trial are not eligible for additional free trials.

Q: Are the lessons private or group-based?
A: All lessons at CHMA are conducted as individual, private sessions, ensuring personalized attention and guidance for each student.

Q: What ages are suitable for CHMA's music programs?
A: We warmly welcome students aged 4 and above, including adults. Certain instruments and programs have specific recommended starting ages, which are detailed below.
  • Piano: Age 4 and up
  • Guitar, Bass & Ukulele: Age 8 and up
  • Voice: Age 8 and up
  • Drums: Age 6 and up
  • Recording Artist Academy: Age 11 and up
  • Music Creation Lab: Age 9 and up
  • Songwriting Academy: Age 11 and up
  • Music Theory Academy: Age 11 and up

Q: How often are the lessons?
A: Our programs consist of weekly 30-minute or 60-minute sessions, offering continuous learning and growth.

Q: Does CHMA follow a session-based model?
A: No, our programs run continuously year-round to provide consistent and uninterrupted learning experiences.

Q: Are the lessons personalized?
A: Absolutely! We create personalized lessons catering to each student's needs, with the option to select desired pieces after establishing a strong musical foundation.

Q: How does billing work?
A: Monthly tuition fees are applied at the beginning of each month, making it simple and convenient.

Q: What payment options are available?
A: We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Draft for hassle-free transactions.

Q: How do I discontinue lessons?
A: A 30-day notice for lesson discontinuation is both appreciated and required, ensuring a smooth transition for both students and teachers.

Q: Are there performance opportunities for students?
A: Yes! We hold an annual student performance in February, with free admission to all CHMA shows. We also partner with the Daisy Days Festival in June for a student showcase for students in our premier programs and a small selection of advanced students. Students should have 6 months of lesson experience in order to participate.

Q: How much do private music lessons cost?
A: 30-minute private lessons are $39 and 60-minute private lessons are $78.

Q: What are the fees for advanced specialty music programs?
A: The fees are as follows:
  • Recording Artist Academy: $89/hour
  • Contemporary Songwriting Academy: $89/hour
  • Music Production Academy: $89/hour

Q: Where can I find more information about CHMA policies and general information?
A: Please review our Student Handbook available at for detailed information and guidelines.