Student Handbook


2024 - 2025 CALENDAR

INDEPENDENCE DAY:  Thursday, July 4th, 2024  (CLOSED)

LABOR DAY:  Monday, Sept. 2, 2024 (CLOSED)

HALLOWEEN: Thursday, October 31, 2024 (CLOSED)

THANKSGIVING BREAK: Thursday, November 28 (thru) Sun, Dec 1, 2024 (CLOSED)




MEMORIAL DAY:  Monday, May 26, 2025 (CLOSED)


These are the procedures and policies all of our students/students’ parents agree to during the registration process.

Studio Policy Agreements During Paid Trial Lesson Period

During the paid trial lesson period, students and families are not bound by Clarendon Hills Music Academy's Studio Policy Agreements, except for the Student Safety & Injury Waiver. Upon deciding to continue after the paid trial lesson, all standard policies and agreements will become active.


Tuition & Registration Payments

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we strive to make the monthly tuition payment process as simple as possible for our students. Tuition payments will be processed automatically on the first of each month through your preferred method of a credit card, debit card, or bank draft. Simply enroll and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic payments.

I understand that tuition will not be pro-rated or refunded for cancellations and absences. A one-time registration fee of $25 will be charged per individual student.

If a student chooses to withdrawal from lessons for any period of time, a re-enrollment fee of $25 will be applied should they decide to register again in the future.

Private Music Lessons Prices: 
30-minute lessons ($39.00)
60-minute lessons ($78.00)

Specialty Music Programs: 
Recording Artist Academy ($89 per hour)
Music Creation Lab ($89 per hour)
Songwriting Academy ($89 per hour)
Music Production Academy ($89 per hour)
Music Theory Academy ($89 per hour)


Cancellation & Absences

At the Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we believe that consistency is key to making the most of your musical journey. To help you stay on track, please set a weekly phone reminder for your lessons. Though we can't refund tuition for missed lessons, we offer up to five private makeup lessons each season. The season spans from September 1st to August 31st. Do note, however, that any unused makeup lessons will expire six months from your missed date. Also note, that any unused make up lesson opportunities will not roll over into a new season.

For a seamless experience, if you need to cancel a lesson, simply inform us at least 24 hours in advance using the Student Help Desk. Please note that 24 hours notice is required in order to be eligible for a makeup lesson. You will not need to notify your instructor directly about cancellations; once you use submit your cancellation to the student Help Desk, they're automatically notified.

Should a CHMA instructor need to cancel, we’ll strive to arrange a substitute. If we arrange for a substitute instructor, we prominently post a sign in the waiting room to let each student know. If that's not feasible to arrange for a substitute teacher, we'll set up a private makeup lesson for you to keep your musical momentum going! Make-ups scheduled for an instructor-initiated cancellation lesson will not count against your 5 make up opportunities for the season. Since a substitute or make-up lesson is being provided, we cannot offer credits or refunds for instructor-initiated cancellations.  For quick access, consider bookmarking our Student Help Desk at


Withdrawing From Lessons at CHMA

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we understand that sometimes students may need to discontinue their lessons. If this is the case, we ask that students fill out the withdrawal form located at the Student Help Desk to our office at least 30 days prior to the desired withdrawal date.

Please note that no credits will be given for lessons missed before the withdrawal date. This allows us to ensure a smooth and organized transition for both the student and the academy.

The Student Help Desk is located at


Summer Vacation

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we believe in providing our students with year-round musical education and growth. That's why we stay open throughout the summer months to help students maintain their progress and prevent backsliding.

We encourage all students to continue their lessons during the summer to keep up their skills and secure their lesson time slot for the next fall. If you need to take a vacation, you can make up missed lessons by attending one of your 5 makeup lessons offered annually (September 1st - August 31st).

If you need to cancel a lesson, please notify us using the Student Help Desk on our website at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for a makeup lesson. If you need to withdraw from lessons for the summer, a withdrawal form must be submitted 30 days before your withdrawal date. You can find that form at the Student Help Desk on our website Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of your teacher or your lesson time slot for the fall if you choose to withdraw for the summer. The Student Help Desk is located at

Parent Involvement (Students K-8th Grade)

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we believe that parent involvement is key to helping young students grow and succeed in their musical journey. That's why we have an open-door policy.

We understand that with busy schedules, it may not always be possible to stay for the entire lesson, so we encourage you to join us for the last 5 minutes to get a glimpse of what your child is working on and how you can support their practice at home.

For older students who may feel embarrassed by their parents sitting in on lessons, we suggest connecting with their teacher through text or the student help desk to stay updated on their progress.

It's important to remember that your role as a parent is crucial in helping your child reach their full potential in music. We encourage you to be an active participant in their development by guiding them during practice at home and observing as many lessons as possible.

Medical Emergency

We care deeply about the safety and well-being of all of our students at Clarendon Hills Music Academy. By signing this agreement, you grant us permission to seek medical treatment for the participant in the event that a parent or guardian cannot be reached.

You also declare that the participant is in good physical and mental health at this time, and authorize us to call for medical transport to a local hospital in case of a medical emergency.

Your trust in our ability to handle any potential medical situations is greatly appreciated, and we will always do our best to ensure the safety and well-being of your child while they are in our care.


Privacy Policy

By choosing to register with us, you are giving us the privilege of staying in touch with you through our email & text communications. We will use email and text as our primary means of sharing important information such as scheduling updates, closures, and other relevant news. We want to make sure you don't miss out, so occasionally we'll send updates to both active and non-active students alike. Don't worry, if at any point you'd prefer not to receive these updates, you can easily opt out. Rest assured that your personal information is always kept confidential and secure with us. In the unlikely event of an extreme emergency or evidence of child abuse or neglect, we may need to break this confidentiality agreement, but otherwise, we will always protect your privacy.


Video, Audio, and Image Waiver

We're excited to capture the musical moments and milestones of your child/children at Clarendon Hills Music Academy! By participating in our program, you grant us permission to take photographs, videos, and recordings of your child/children while they're at our facility or at any Clarendon Hills Music Academy event.

These images and recordings may be used in student albums, performance videos, and to promote the academy through various channels such as press releases, brochures, and online and offline promotional materials.

We're thrilled to be able to share your child's musical journey with others and appreciate your support in allowing us to do so.

Student Safety & Injury Waiver

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we're committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our students. However, please note that parents or guardians are responsible for supervising their children before and after their scheduled lessons. We also cannot be held responsible for the safety of children who are traveling to and from our location without accompaniment.

By participating in our program, you acknowledge and understand that there may be risks involved and agree to assume all responsibility for any injury, damage, hearing loss, or loss that may occur. You also agree to release Clarendon Hills Music Academy from any claims that may arise from your participation in the program.

We want to make sure everyone is fully aware of these important details, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.


Authorization Agreement for Auto Draft

I/We agree to have the Clarendon Hills Music Academy charge my/our account for monthly tuition fees on the first of each month. The payments will continue until an official withdrawal form is submitted 30 days in advance or until the end of a workshop or camp session. This authorization applies to charges made to my/our checking account, credit card, or debit card.


Revising Terms, Conditions, and Policies

At Clarendon Hills Music Academy, we're always striving to provide the best possible experience for our students. That's why we may occasionally update our terms, conditions, and policies to better serve you. If any changes are made, we'll be sure to let you know and make the updates easily accessible through our Student Help Desk at



Question: What is your attendance policy?

Answer: At CHMA, we encourage students to attend every scheduled lesson to make the most of their learning experience. Our lessons are held weekly, with the exception of holidays which are listed on our calendar.

Question: What if my student can't make it to a lesson?

Answer: We understand that life can be unpredictable sometimes. If your student needs to miss a lesson, don't worry! We offer 5 makeup lesson opportunities per student per season (Sept 1 - August 31). Please note that a minimum of 24 hour notice must be given in order to be eligible for a makeup lesson. Just head over to the Student Help Desk for to submit your cancellations and request make ups.

Question: Do you have lessons during the summer?

Answer: Absolutely! CHMA offers lessons all year round, including the summer months. In fact, many of our students choose to continue their lessons during the summer to keep up their progress. Plus, if you continue over the summer, we'll make sure you have a guaranteed time slot in the fall!

Question: What about snow days?

Answer: No problem, we've got you covered! Our lessons usually take place in the afternoon when the snow has cleared up. If road conditions are too dangerous, we'll let you know as soon as possible and conduct virtual lessons via Zoom.

Question: What if my teacher must cancel?

Answer: If your teacher cancels a lesson, we'll do our best to find a substitute teacher for that day. If that's not possible, don't worry, we'll schedule a private makeup lesson with your regular teacher at a later date. This won't count toward your 5 makeup lesson opportunities.

Question: If I need to stop lessons, what's the process?

Answer: We're sorry to hear that! As outlined in our registration agreement, we ask for 30 days notice for students who need to discontinue lessons permanently or temporarily. Simply visit the Student Help Desk to submit a withdrawal form. Please note, your time slot may not be held during a break due to our teachers' schedules.



Question: How many makeup lessons can I take in a year?

Answer: At CHMA, we're passionate about delivering exceptional music education to our students. That's why we provide five private makeup lessons each year, from September 1st to August 31st, to accommodate your schedule. If you need to miss a lesson, just reach out to us via the Student Help Desk at least 24 hours in advance. Our team will work hard to schedule your makeup, but please note that finding an available slot can take some time. So, the more notice you give us, the better!

Question: How do I schedule a makeup lesson?

Answer: It's super easy! Assuming 24 hours notice was given, visit our Student Help Desk and click the link on the "Schedule A Make-up Lesson" option to schedule your own make up lesson through the portal.

Question: How much notice do I need to give for a makeup lesson?

Answer: To ensure a successful makeup lesson, we ask that you give us 24 hours' notice. This gives us plenty of time to coordinate with your teacher and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Question: What if I need to reschedule an already scheduled makeup lesson?

Answer: Unfortunately, we can't offer a makeup for a missed or cancelled makeup lesson. But, we recommend setting a reminder on your phone so you never miss a beat!



Question: Who can I reach out to for musical questions or concerns?

Answer: Your music teacher is always available to help with any musical questions or concerns. If you need their email, just head to the Student Help Desk and use the "Ask Your Teacher a Musical Question" form. They'll be happy to assist you!

Question: What materials do I need for my music lessons?

Answer: This can vary from teacher to teacher, but some use digital materials while others prefer hardcopy materials. Don't hesitate to connect with your teacher to find out what they prefer for their lessons.

Question: Can I observe my child's music lesson?

Answer: Absolutely! We love when parents get involved and observe their child's lessons. You're welcome to sit in on the entire lesson or just the last 5 minutes to see what your child has been working on. We believe that parent involvement is important and we have an open-door policy.

Question: How can I support my child's musical journey?

Answer: You can support your child by staying in touch with their teacher, either by observing a portion of the lesson or connecting with them after. Feel free to reach out to your teacher via email, text, or using the Student Help Desk. They're always here to help!

Question: How much practice time is recommended for my child or me?

Answer: The recommended practice time can vary based on your child's age and playing level, but we suggest a minimum of 20 minutes a day, up to 30-45 minutes daily. Every teacher has their own philosophy on this, so make sure to regularly check in with your teacher to see what's best for your child.

Question: Are there any performance opportunities for our students?

Answer: Absolutely! We offer an all school recital in February. We also present a student show case at Daisy Days Festival for students in our premier programs and select advanced students. These performances are optional and free of charge. We like to conduct a free-will offering to raise funds for a great cause. We can't wait to see your child shine on stage!



Question: When will my payment for lesson tuition be processed?

Answer: Your tuition payment will be processed automatically on the first day of each month. For instance, the payment for May would be processed on May 1st.

Question: What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: We accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, or bank drafts.

Question: How can I get a copy of my registration agreements?

Answer: If you registered online, you received a copy of your agreement via email. Additionally, a copy is included in the student handbook that can be found above this FAQ.

Question: How do I discontinue my lessons?

Answer: If you need to discontinue lessons, please give us a 30-day notice as per the terms in our registration agreement. Simply visit the Student Help Desk and fill out the withdrawal form.